Nov 17

Xiaonan's and Ella's paper on how PTEN suppresses melanoma was accepted at Cancer Research.

Nov 6-9

The lab had a great time at the 20th Congress of the Society for Melanoma Research in Philadelphia. Florian gave an invited talk, Neel, Nicol, and Kai presented at the trainee pre-meeting, and everybody showcased their science on a poster.


4 September 2023

Zulaida Soto Vargas joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Zulaida received her PhD from Purdue University working on the role of oncogene-induced exosomes. In the Karreth lab, she will investigate MAFG in melanoma. Welcome Zulaida!

15 August 2023

Xiaonan is awarded a Career Development Award from the Melanoma Research Foundation to develop uveal melanoma mouse models. A great achievement, as this award type is open to Assistant Professors. Many congratulations, Xiaonan, very well deserved!

5 August 2023

Eight members of the Karreth Lab will attend the 20th Society for Melanoma Research Annual Congress in November in Philadelphia. Xiaonan, Manon, and Neel received Travel Awards and Kai's, Nicol's, and Neel's abstracts were selected for talks at the SMR trainee pre-meeting. Congratulations! 


23 July 2023

Xiaonan is promoted to Research Scientist I. Xiaonan has had fantastic achievements over the last few years and has been a strong positive force in the lab. Congratulations, Xiaonan!

15 June 2023

Rachel Krogan is the newest USF undergraduate to join the lab. She will be working with Kai on the role of MYBL2 in melanoma. Welcome Rachel.

1 June 2023

New preprint alert. Our study investigating how PTEN suppresses melanoma was posted to bioRxiv. This project was started by former grad student Ella and finished by Xiaonan, who share co-first authorship. A beautiful story that will take us in new directions in melanoma metastasis.

30 May 2023

We celebrated the Karreth Lab 7th labbiversary. As is tradition, we had a delicious breakfast.

15 May 2023

Nhan Phan joins the lab as Research Associate II. Welcome Nhan!

14-19 April 2023

Olga, Neel, and Florian attended the AACR Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. Olga presented a poster on her work on MAFG, while Neel delivered an excellent oral presentation on a melanoma metabolic vulnerability he discovered.

22 March 2023

The lab was awarded an Idea Award by the Department of Defense Melanoma Research Program to define the glyco-RNAome in melanoma progression. we are excited to explore the new frontier of glycosylated RNAs.

3 March 2023

Another farewell dinner, this time for Olga who will return to Madrid, Spain. Olga won a prestigious Sara Borrell fellowship and she will continue her work on MAFG while she prepares to transition to an independent faculty position. Good luck, Olga!

24 February 2023

Today was Ben's last day in the lab. After a year and a half in the lab, Ben decided to move back to his native Arizona. Thanks for all your contributions to the lab, Ben!

20 February 2023

Karreth Lab at the fair. As in previous years, the Karreth lab took a day off and visited the Florida State Fair. Fried foods and turkey legs, pig racing and mechanical bull riding - a lot of fun was had by all.