El Naqa Lab Students and Trainees


John Mayfield, M.D.

USF Student


John Mayfield, M.D. is a multi-industry professional with training in medicine, engineering, and corporate leadership who served as a Director of Education in the wholesale wine industry prior to medical school where he created online and in-person educational resources for multiple states’ sales teams. He graduated with Honors in Research during medical school and was selected as 1 of 20 recipients of an NIH T-35 training grant at the University of Florida where he analyzed transcatheter aortic valve replacement technique and stroke prevalence. As a result of these experiences, he has a strong appreciation of timelines, budgeting, and overcoming obstacles, planned and unforeseen, and working with multidisciplinary teams.

Since residency began, he was able to pursue advanced medical imaging and computer vision subjects through Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering which helped to elevate the quality and span of his research capacity. With near completion of the Master’s degree maintaining a graduate GPA of 4.0, he has been given the opportunity to advance his research further through the University of South Florida where he is currently a candidate for a Ph.D. in Medical Engineering under Dr. El Naqa. 

It is his goal to become an agile and competent physician-scientist in Academic Radiology with hopes to impact the future of the budding AI/Machine Learning field as well as medical image processing in hopes to provide greater access, efficiency, and reliability of multimodal Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology.

Dr. John Mayfield has been selected out of an international pool of applicants for the Editorial Board of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence for a 2-year term on the journal’s Trainee Editorial Board (TEB), commencing July 1, 2022.

John Mayfield, M.D. M.Sc. from Issam El Naqa, M.A.,Ph.D, DABR, FAAPM, FIEEE, FAIMBE lab recently published a new article entitled "Pilot Lightweight Denoising Algorithm for Multiple Sclerosis on Spine MRI" Please join us in congratulating him on this publication:





Jesutofunmi Ayo
Fajemisin, MSc 

Graduate Research Student


Jesutofunmi is a Medical Physics PhD student at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. She earned a BSc in Physics from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and an MSc in Theoretical and Applied Physics from the African University of Science and Technology in Nigeria. She will be working in the Department of Machine Learning at Moffitt Cancer Center, under the supervision of Dr. El Naqa. Her research goal is to create and validate a toolkit of artificial intelligence-based techniques that can effectively leverage the wealth of data generated by an MRI-LINAC to provide a robust solution for personalized and adaptive radiotherapy.


Yasmin Saeed 

Research Student Trainee


Yasmin Saeed is a pre-medicine student at the University of South Florida in her junior year. Yasmin is currently majoring in Biomedical Sciences, as well as, minoring in Addiction Studies and Nutrition. Yasmin is skilled in the customer service industry as a result of working in retail and healthcare institutions. As an elected leader, she has actively mentored younger members of her youth group in delivering local community outreach programs while supporting day to day operations in record management and research coordination. Yasmin will be working with Eduardo Carranza.


Mackenzie Anderson

Research Student Trainee


Mackenzie is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida Honors College, where she pursued a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. Mackenzie is currently taking a gap year while applying to dental school and gaining hands-on dental experience through working at a pediatric dental practice here in Tampa. Seeking to broaden the realm of her clinical experience beyond the field of dentistry and gain a better understanding of the methodology of medical research, Mackenzie is excited to join Dr. El Naqa team under the guidance of Dr. Jacqueline Andreozzi. She plans to utilize her engineering background and her detail-oriented and punctual nature to be an asset to the Machine Learning Lab. Mackenzie is passionate about Moffitt’s commitment to improving health outcomes, and she hopes to contribute to this mission as a part of the team. As a dentist, Mackenzie aspires to utilize both her clinical and research experience as well as her work with volunteer dental clinics here in Tampa Bay, to provide caring, compassionate, and holistic dental care. 


Oren Edrich

Research Student Trainee


Oren Edrich is a senior undergraduate, pre-medical student at the University of South Florida. Oren is studying Biomedical Sciences and has a background in computers and software development. He recently competed and placed in a Hackathon and Datathon hosted by Indiana University. Oren has held positions in many student organizations, serving as the USF President of the Pre-medical American Medical Student Association as well as the Treasurer of his fraternity. He enjoys being a mentor and role model and is currently serving his third year as a Resident Assistant.


Orabelema Tonye-Abere

Research Student Trainee


Orabelema Tonye-Abere is an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida majoring in Microbiology. She is a senior with expected graduation in May 2023. Over the course of her educational pursuits, she has worked in a variety of volunteer and peer mentoring positions. After her graduation, she hopes to get into medical school and continue building her path towards her desired career of Forensic Pathology.


Duong Tung Mai

Research Student Trainee


Duong Mai is a Computer Science student at the University of South Florida. With his interests in the intersection of Computer Vision and Cancer Treatment Therapy, he is passionate about learning about the potential and challenges this research field holds. Throughout his upcoming research experience at Moffitt, he wishes to not only build upon his knowledge in programming and develop fundamentals in analyzing patient data but also absorb the essence of etiquette in a world-class professional working environment. In addition, he is committed to contributing to the lab’s ongoing research projects and gaining experience from them. 


Jordan Rai

Research Student Trainee


Jordan Rai is a Master's student in Bioinformatics at Northeastern University. In her studies, she is currently learning about tools and software that can manipulate various forms of biological data, and she has a strong interest in data science/machine learning. She earned her Bachelors in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University in 2019. She then worked as a software engineer for JPMorgan Chase & Co. for two years, where she worked as a backend Java developer in the community and corporate banking sectors. Much of her work focused on developing RESTful APIs for web applications, utilizing a microservice-based architecture, and private cloud deployment. From her experience at Moffitt, she hopes to develop a stronger understanding in cancer biology and have a hands-on experience using real-world datasets.