Presentations - Issam El Naqa

November 17, 2021

DAISY 2021 Workshop at the University of Florida
Topic: Towards Trustworthy AI in Oncology

February 4, 2022

RADAR Think Tank
Topic: Artificial Intelligence for Multi-omics Guided Radio-immunotherapy


February 8, 2022

Topic: Basic principles and the future of mathematical modeling clinical radiobiology


February 11, 2022

UCSF Visiting Professor

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February 11, 2022

AI in HealthCare

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February 13 - February 17, 2022

ICRM 2022 Conference

1. Artificial Intelligence in Radiotherapy (25 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A)
2. Automation in Radiotherapy (25 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A)

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March 7, 2022 

NCI Imaging and Informatics Webinar

Topic: AI/ML Trends in Oncology and the Rugged Path Towards the Clinic

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) algorithms are currently transforming biomedical research, especially in the context of cancer research and clinical care. Despite the tremendous potentials in automating workflow, personalizing care, and reducing health disparity, to name a few prospects, their application in oncology and healthcare has been limited in scope with less than 5% of major healthcare providers implementing any form of AI/ML solutions. This can be attributed to multitude of concerning issues regarding the deployment of AI/ML driven technologies into the clinic. These concerns include but not limited to skepticism related to commercialization hype, under representative training data, inherent implementation bias, lack of robustness and absence of prediction transparency. In this work, we will discuss some of these impending challenges and highlight different approaches for detecting and mitigating such bias in implementing clinical AI/ML algorithms. We further show examples of applying these approaches in oncology applications from our work and others and discuss their implications to pave the way for AI/ML in clinical practice. 

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April 8 - April 9, 2022

Sun Nuclear Corp. - 2022 QA & Dosimetry Symposium #QADS13

Topic: An Overview of Hypofractionated Treatment Effects in the Clinic (HyTEC) 

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April 28 - April 29, 2022

Frontiers of AI in Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging - Stanford University
Topic: Outcome and AI Modeling

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Meeting Purpose: This meeting brings together thought leaders in the fields of radiation therapy and medical imaging to discuss the frontiers of AI in industry, academia, and clinic. Utilizing lectures, poster presentations, and panel discussions, the meeting will provide a unique opportunity for trainees, physicists, physicians, and more to thoroughly explore the present and future of AI and its impact on research, clinical practice, and broader healthcare.


May 4, 2022

Oncology Care and AI summit

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May 4, 2022

May 19 - May 21, 2022

Topic: Artificial Intelligence - An Emerging Trend in Medical Physics
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Abstract: The 42nd Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India (AMPICON2021) will take place in Bangalore, Karnataka hosted by Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd., in association with AMPI-Karnataka Chapter during 19th -21st May 2022. The theme of the conference is “Artificial Intelligence -An Emerging Trend in Medical Physics”. The conference deliberations will cover each and every aspect of applications of physics in medicine including current and future technologies in imaging science and Radiotherapy. About 700+ delegates including researchers, academicians, scholars, and students are expected to participate in person at the conference. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event was postponed twice, and now as all restrictions are relaxed, including international travel, more participants are expected to attend the event, including delegates from neighboring countries. We are requesting Dr. Issam El Naqa as our invited faculty to speak on the theme topic of the conference in-person (he has consented earlier for a video presentation due to travel restrictions). 


June 9, 2022

AAPM Summer School

June 16, 2022

"New Developments in Precision Radiation Oncology & Radiogenomics” 1st Inaugural Symposium - UCSD - San Diego

June 23, 2022 - June 25, 2022 

Big Data Wokshop

July 10, 2022 - July 14, 2022

AAPM 2022 64th Annual Meeting

Topic: Integrating Omics in the Era of AI for Better Patient Specific Outcomes

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July 27, 2022

Bioengineering at Moffitt (BAM) Workshop

TopicIntelligent sensors for real-time guidance during radiotherapy


August 9, 2022 at noon EST

NTRO Lecture Series Invite

Topic: Why Machine Learning in Oncology?

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August 11, 2022

FLASH at Moffitt Cancer Center - Dartmouth

August 19, 2022

ECMP 2022

Topic: Benefits and Perils of AI in Medical Physics

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August 19, 2022

ECMP 2022

Topic:  AI across Medical Physics

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September 1 and September 2, 2022

Individual Response to Ionizing Radiation - Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute 

Topic: Role of radiogenomics in the individualisation of tumour response

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October 7 and October 8, 2022

Joint DREAM (Dose Response, Experiment, Analysis, Modelling): 2022 Physics Workshop

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October 10, 2022

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Department of Radiation Oncology

Topic: Intelligent Sensors for Real-time Guidance during Radiotherapy


October 11, 2022

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Department of Radiation Oncology

Topic: Artificial Intelligence Modeling for Personalized Radiotherapy Outcomes


October 17, 2022

Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology

Topic: Quantum machine learning: Lessons learnt from Application in Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology


October 20, 2022

Visiting Fellow CAS, Munich 

Topic: Perils and Pitfalls of AI in Radiological Sciences


November 1, 2022

Seminar Series at Division of Radiation BioPhysics at Mass General Hospital

Topic: Outcome modeling on personalization of RT at one our upcoming seminar sessions


March 27 and March 28, 2023

2023 Annual Meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)

Theme: Theme: Integrating Physics, Biology and Epidemiology in Radiation Risk Assessment Session Entitled: Research Needs for Filling the Gaps

Abstract: Where are we going in the areas of epidemiology, biology (cancer and noncancer) and modeling needs for radiation risk assessment? Dr. El Naqa will be speaking on machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. uses and future uses in radiation biology/oncology  and, particularly, if you feel comfortable doing so, related to risk assessment for radiation-induced adverse health outcomes relevant to radiation protection.