Lead Investigator: Margaret M Byrne, PhD


Developed using Moffitt Health Outcomes and Behavior  Innovation funding, the goal of the CAM project is to develop and apply a generalized and adaptable methodology for assessing the resource use, costs, and cost-effectiveness of a wide range of health are intervention. This includes both community-based health care programs and clinical interventions, both medical and surgical.


Some of the developed products of CAM include:

  • Educational presentation on cost analyses broadly (in progress)
  • Investigator “Step by Step Guide” on team products and approach (in progress)
  • Set of adaptable “per project” materials
  • Skilled data collectors and analysts


Project Principle Investigators:


Tom Brandon, PhD

Jad Chahoud, MD, MPH

Shannon Christy, PhD

Clement Gwede, PhD

David Lee, PhD

Neil Mason PhD

Cathy Meade, PhD RN

Daniel Anaya-Saenz, MD

Vani Simmons, PhD

Research Coordinator on CAM Development:

Jessica McCoy, RN BSN