Postdoctoral positions

The DeNicola lab is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to join our group.

Research in the DeNicola lab is centered around how metabolic deregulation occurs during tumorigenesis and how mutations that promote the activation of the transcription factor NRF2 control this process. Recent work from our lab has focused on how NRF2 influences cellular responses to cysteine availability. We have several exciting projects focused on understanding how tissues and tumors meet their demand for cysteine and rewire their cysteine metabolism in response to oncogene activation, stress, and metabolic perturbation. We are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow eager to explore sulfur metabolism and other related processes in vivo with sophisticated animal models, in vivo tracing and mass spec metabolomics technologies.

Position Highlights:
• Use cutting-edge technologies (e.g., in vivo stable isotope tracing, metabolomics, genetically engineered mouse models of cancer) as platforms of discovery
• Work within a multidisciplinary team (encompassing analytical chemists, tumor biologists, biochemists, and animal experts) with plenty of room to learn new skills
• Work as part of the Lung Cancer Metabolism working group and Lung Cancer Center of Excellence, which provides exposure to both clinical and basic research.
• Work closely with Dr. DeNicola on the postdoctoral fellow’s career development (e.g., grant/manuscript writing, scientific presentations, networking)

The Ideal Candidate:
• Can work independently and has a strong desire to develop independent projects
• Has excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team
• Experience with mass spec and/or metabolomics data analysis is highly desirable
• Experience with mouse models of cancer is also highly desirable

• Work independently and collaboratively for the mission of the lab
• Design and execute experiments; analyze and interpret data
• Regularly present findings to the lab and to the Moffitt community
• Attend conferences to present findings to the scientific community
• Mentor and train graduate and undergraduate students
• Write manuscripts, postdoctoral fellowships and assist with other funding applications

Credentials and Qualifications:
• Candidates must hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree.

How to Apply:
Interested applicants should send a single PDF file that includes (1) a cover letter summarizing their research training and accomplishments, scientific interests and career goals, (2) a current CV, and (3) contact information for three references to Dr. Gina DeNicola at



Graduate students

Current students enrolled in the Moffitt PhD program should contact us directly at