Reza Karim

Postdoctoral Fellow
Drug Discovery Department

Phone: (813) 745-5462



  Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine - Morsani College of Medicine, USF, Tampa, Florida, 2020


  • Li Q, Karim RM, Cheng M, Das M, Chen L, Zhang C, Lawrence HR, Daughdrill GW, Schonbrunn E, Ji H, Chen J (2020). Inhibition of p53 DNA binding by a small molecule protects mice from radiation toxicity. Oncogene 39: 5187-5200. PMID 32555331
  • Karim, R. M.; Chan, A.; Zhu, J.-Y.; Schönbrunn, E. Structural Basis of Inhibitor Selectivity in the BRD7/9 Subfamily of Bromodomains. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2020, 63 (6), 3227–3237. PMID: 32091206
  • Karim RM, Schönbrunn E (2016). An advanced tool to interrogate BRD9 (2016). J Med Chem. 59:4459-61. PMID: 27120693