The DeNicola lab at the Molecular Oncology Departmental retreat. Top- Pyo presenting his work. Bottom - Nate receiving his poster prize.


The DeNicola and Karreth labs Holiday party



The DeNicola lab wears purple for pancreatic cancer 

Gina introduces Lewis Cantley at the HFCR gala

April 2018

  • Pyo and Nate's review is published in Experimental & Molecular Medicine. Congrats Pyo and Nate!

March 2018

  • Gina is an invited speaker at the Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference on Cancer & Metabolism in Suzhou, China.
  • Gina is an invited speaker at the CPSA Metabolomics meeting at the University of Florida.

February 2018

  • Gina is an invited speaker at the NRF2 colloquium at St. Andrew's University in Scotland.
  • The DeNicola lab attends the Molecular Oncology departmental retreat. Pyo is selected for an oral presentation. Nate wins a poster prize. Congratulations!
  • Sae Bom officially joins the DeNicola lab. Welcome!

January 2018

  • Gina and Pyo attend the Keystone Metabolism meeting to present Pyo's work on cysteine metabolism. 

December 2017

  • Laura's preview is published in Cancer Cell. Congrats Laura!
  • DeNicola/Karreth joint holiday party.

November 2017

  • Sae Bom returns as a rotation student. Welcome back!

October 2017

  • Sae Bom and Brianna's review was accepted in Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. Congrats Sae Bom and Brianna!

August 2017

  • Laura Torrente joins the DeNicola lab. Welcome Laura!

July 2017

May 2017

  • The DeNicola lab is a top fundraiser for the Miles for Moffitt charity race.
  • Gina is awarded a Miles for Moffitt Milestone award.
  • Brianna Sellers officially joins the DeNicola lab. 

December 2016

  • Nathan Ward joins the lab. Welcome Nate!
  • Sae Bom Lee joins the lab as a research volunteer. Welcome Sae Bom!
  • Gina is awarded an ACS-IRG grant. 

November 2016

  • The DeNicola lab wears purple for pancreatic cancer awareness month

October 2016

  • Yun Pyo Kang joins the lab. Welcome Pyo!

September 2016

  • Brianna Sellers starts her rotation. Welcome Brianna!

July 2016

  • We're up and running! The lab is fully stocked and the tissue culture begins.
  • Postdoc interviews begin. Are you interested in joining us?

June 2016

  • The first packages arrive.

  • Seth Ingram joins the lab. Welcome Seth!

  • Gina introduces Lewis Cantley at the Hope Funds for Cancer Research annual Gala.

  • The first mice are released from quarantine.

  • Sara Tran joins the lab. Welcome Sara!

May 31st 2016 - The DeNicola lab opens. Aimee Falzone joins the lab. Welcome Aimee!