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02/24/2023 - Kay has published a review article in Trends in Cancer - Congratulations!

11/20/2022 - The lab's work on TIM3 was featured in the Oncology Times

10/12/2022 - Jie has published a Spotlight article in Immunity!

07/01/2022 - The lab has been awarded a CDMRP/BCRP Breakthrough Level 1 Award in collaboration with the Luca Lab

06/22/2022 - The lab has received the CRI Lloyd J. Old STAR Award. Read more about the project here!

06/16/2022 - Daiana has published in STAR Protocols. Well done!

02/21/2022 - Jie has published a review article on macrophage metabolism in IRCMB. Congratulations!

01/25/2022 - Jie is representing the lab at the Midwinter Conference of Immunologists

01/06/2022 - Alycia has published a new research article in JITC