The Mann lab is looking for highly motivated post-docs who can contribute both independently and collaboratively to inter-disciplinary research to define molecular events driving cancer progression in pancreatic cancer and myeloid leukemia. We are currently seeking individuals with a strong foundation in molecular biology and mammalian cell culture with a proven track record of scientific achievement and publications in international journals. Experience in cancer biology and/or with mouse models of human disease is desirable. Current projects in the lab are focused on:

  • Delineating an altered splicing program associated with pancreatic cancer metastasis 
  • Investigating cooperating drivers of pancreatic cancer metastasis and associated transcriptional reprogramming 
  • Understanding how tumor heterogeneity contributes to tumor progression

Recent PhD graduates interested to join our team should send their CV and a personal statement of their research interests and goals to Dr. Karen Mann (


Prospective graduate students interested in the Mann lab should apply to the University of South Florida Cancer Biology Program. Current students in the program interested in laboratory rotations can contact Dr. Karen Mann directly.