Dr. Brian Czerniecki, M.D., Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

My primary focus is to develop cancer vaccines and immune based therapy approaches for the treatment of breast cancer and other cancers. My interest is in translating therapies from bench to bedside. I originally proposed using cancer vaccines specifically dendritic cell (DC) vaccines in early breast cancer and DCIS. Another focus has been in learning to utilize the power of DCs as a cancer vaccine. We have explored different polarizing signals of DC activation and was one of the first labs to show the significance of IL-12 production by DC on development of anti-tumor T cells. I am also interest in HER-2 expressing breast cancer and the immune response to HER-2. Recently we have determined that there is a loss of anti-HER-2 Th1 response in HER-2 expressing breast cancer patients and are currently exploring ways to manipulate the immune response to restore anti-HER-2 immunity to prevent recurrence. Research from my lab has documented the role of the Th1 cytokine gamma interferon to enhance activity of trastuzumab and pertuzumab and is in an investigator initiated trial. I have an active DOD grant that is evaluating the role of restoring anti-HER-2 CD4 Th1 responses prior to neoadjuvant therapy as well as for those with residual disease after neoadjuvant therapy. Our lab focus has identified and explored the role that DC1 vaccines have on disseminated cancer cells.

Krithika Kodumudi, Ph.D.
Research Scientist III

Doris Wiener, M.A.
Research Laboratory Coordinator

JoAnn Runk
Executive Assistant

Amrita Basu, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Fellow

Ganesan Ramamoorthi, Ph.D
Post Doctoral Fellow

Yongsheng Jia, M.D.
Post Doctoral Fellow 

Gabriella Albert B.S
Research Associate II

Amber Beyer, B.S.
Research Coordinator III

Corey Gallen, B.S
Research Associate II

Colin Snyder, B.S
Research Coordinator III