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    • Junior Team Science Partnership Award - G.Ramamoorthi and E.Siegel: Microbial composition in breast cancer patients receiving standard TCHP and HER2-DC1 vaccine.
    • CIIRC award - B. Czenriecki(PI):  Association of Gut Microbiome with Pathological Complete Response After Immune Based or Standard Neoadjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer.


    • Moffitt symposium Translational Science Featured Poster Award - Amber Beyer:  Adoptive cell therapy using HER2 specific CD4 T cells for breast cancer.
    • Junior Team Science Partnership Award - A.Basu and N.Rajarajan:  Analysis of HER3 expression in primary TNBC tissues: a potential target for the development of immunotherapeutic strategies.
    • CIIRC award - B.Czerniecki(PI):  Role of the gut microbiome in response to Dendritic Cells and HER2 targeted therapies. 
    • Miles for Moffitt award - B.Czerniecki(PI), K.Kodumudi(Co-PI),G.Ramamoothi(Co-PI):  Role of anti-oncodriver Th1 immune response on disseminated cancer cells to prevent breast cancer metastasis.


    • Travel award by CIIRC (Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer) - K.Kodumudi
    • Best poster award at Moffitt symposium - C.Snyder:  Anti-tumor efficacy of Type 1 polarized dendritic cells in combination with immune checkpoint blockade in a preclinical model of breast cancer.