Another outing to MEL’s – we love our hotdogs

Colin, Amrita, Jia, and Ganesan – I guess they got some great results!

Always on time for a good lecture

Moffitt Research Day – Sabrina presenting her post

Moffitt Research Day - Ganesan presenting his poster

Moffitt Research Day – Amber presenting her poster (with Doris)

Dr. C. relaxing while enjoying his reading

Amber working hard but always with a smile

Are the mice ready for Colin

All is going great for Gabi

Colin, our own Captain Marvel

Hallowsream outing

Ganesan the Magnificant at Hallowscream

Dr. C. having some fun with Doris at lab meeting.

Lab pot luck lunch

Jia at AACR

Amrita at AACR

Sabrina and Amber A surprise package

Celebrating Gabi and Corey’s BD

A beautiful day to get together for brunch