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The Imagination in Smokers Study is a paid ($30) research study trying to understand the role of culture, life experience, and smoking on reaction to an imagination task.

This study will take 2 hours and involves the following:

  • An online survey (.5 hour)
  • 1 in-person appointment to play an online game (1.5 hour)

We are looking for people who:

  • Smoke cigarettes or little cigars
  • Can attend a one-time appointment in Tampa
  • Are interested in learning more about the study

The Imagination in Smokers Study (USF IRB Pro# 00035433, Principal Investigator Thomas H. Brandon, PhD) is being conducted at Moffitt Cancer Center and the University of South Florida. We are unsure if you will directly receive any benefits by taking part in this research study, but your participation can help us better understand smoking behavior.

To speak to our research team, please call us at 813-745-7833 or email imaginationinsmokers@gmail.com. 

You can also use the contact form below.

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