Current Lab Members


Oscar Ospina is a NCI T32 fellow in the “Cancer Biology and Data Science” program at Moffitt Cancer Center. He received his PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico. His research has been in population-level diversity (genome and transcriptome) in multiple biological systems and its link with phenotypic and behavioral features. He is currently working on analysis of spatial transcriptomic data.

Alex Soupir
is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with joint time between the Wang and Fridley Labs at Moffitt Cancer Center. He received his Ph.D. in Biology – Microbiology from the Department of Natural Sciences at South Dakota State University. His current research involves working with liquid biopsies to identify cancer specific biomarkers. Additionally, he works on computational biology problems in cancer with the development of software and tools for data visualization and analysis.

Past Lab Members:


Christopher Wilson, PhD: Biomarin 

Jordan Creed, Moffitt Cancer Center Health Informatics Department

Farnoosh Abbas-Aghababazadeh, PhD: Princess Margret Cancer Center

Qian Li, PhD: University of South Florida

Prabhakar Chalise, PhD: University of Kansas Medical Center

Joseph Usset, PhD: Apple

Abra Brisbin, PhD: University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Nicholas Larson, PhD: Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Ryan Abo, PhD: Ribon Therapeutics