The Schönbrunn laboratory is a team composed of 12 international members with each specialized skills in a large range of methodologies that cover molecular biology, protein purification, biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling...


Team picture

From left to right:
Jinyi Zhu Ellis Chan, Melissa Bikowitz, Kevin (former entered medical school), Nuzara aqbal, norbert berndt, dillon grassie, david mikles, reza karim, donnay kassel,)

China | Ernst Schönbrunn Germany | Andreas Becker Germany | Yan (Kathy) Yang China

Not in the picture:
Stuart Ember UK | Norbert Berndt Germany | Yan Chen China | Paula Cranfill USA | Elizabeth Baumann USA | William Goddheart USA

Former members

Job opportunities

At this moment there are no job opportunities. Please contact Dr Schnbrunn for any information.

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