T32 Post-Doctoral Training Program

in Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer


The Cancer Epidemilogy Program welcomes applicants to the T32 Post-Doctoral Training Program in Molecular Epidemiology.  This NCI-supported interdisciplinary training program prepares fellows for careers as independent investigators in cancer epidemiological research that integrates biomarkers identified at the molecular, biochemical, or –omic level.  The duration of the program is two years and integrates a specialized curriculum of didactic training and one-on-one interactions with mentors with research experience.  Mentoring will be provided by a team of experienced faculty from various epidemiology-related disciplines.



Cancer Epidemiology

Statistical Genetics

Cancer Genetics


Clinical Specialties


Applicants must have a terminal degree in epidemiology, nursing, public health, medicine or related discipline.  Previous training in epidemiology and/or biostatistics is highly recommended.  Applications will be reviewed until the two open positions for the academic year are filled.

For more information on the T32 Post-Doctoral Training Program, please visit the following website: www.moffitt.org/CancerEpidemiologyT32