Welcome to GMaP Region 2


The Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program (GMaP) is a national program funded by the National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) that brings together cancer and cancer health disparities (CHD) researchers, underrepresented trainees and students, and community health educators, to work together to achieve the following GMaP objectives:

  • Create opportunities for scientific exchange, cooperation, and collaboration among cancer and CHD researchers.
  • Attract underrepresented students, trainees, scholars, and investigators to the biomedical cancer enterprise. 
  • Enhance access of underrepresented students, trainees, and scholars to career development and mentoring opportunities.
  • Increase cancer information dissemination and best practice sharing among researchers, trainees, and scholars.
  • Build strong relationships with National Outreach Network Community Health Educators.
GMaP Region 2 also aims to grow institutional partnerships across the region. We are committed to building strong relationships with partner institutions to enhance access to career development and mentoring opportunities for underrepresented students, trainees, and scholars.


GMaP Region 2 (Formerly Region 3)

Moffitt Cancer Center serves as the hub for GMaP Region 2, which includes more than 40 partner institutions in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Puerto Rico.


GMaP Region 2 Activities:

  • Trainee/Early Career Scientists Travel and Expert Grant Review Awards
  • Cancer Health Disparities Research Course
  • Collaborative Inter-institutional Research Pilot Funding
  • Regional Communications about Current Research and Training Opportunities