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  Systems Biology of Tumor Dormancy 
  Springer, 2013
  edited by Heiko Enderling, Nava Almog, and Lynn Hlatky
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  Computational Models in Oncology: from Tumor Initiation to Progression to Treatment
  Special Topic in Frontiers in Molecular and Cellular Oncology, 2013
  edited by K.A. Rejniak and H. Enderling
  [Open Access]

  Latest Developments in Mathematical Oncology and Cancer Systems Biology 
  Special Issue in Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2020
  edited by M.K. Jolly and H. Enderling
  [Open Access]

  Frontiers in Quantitative Cancer Modeling 
  Special Issue in Computational and Systems Oncology, 2021
  edited by M.K. Jolly and H. Enderling
  [Open Access]

  Challenges in Synergizing Radiation and Immunotherapy  
  Special Issue in Neoplasia, 2021
  edited by H. Enderling, U. Gaipl, M. Hecht
  [Open Access]


Journal articles


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