Mohammad Adam Kazmouz graduated from the  University of Florida with a Biochemistry degree and is currently taking growth years to further challenge himself as he applies to medical school. During his undergrad studies, Mohammad was a chemistry tutor where he mastered the ability to break down complex information into digestible simple concepts while appealing to the unique learning styles of his students. He beams positivity and believes that our moods are transferable to others. This translates into Mohammad’s experience with Gulfside Hospice and Florida Cancer Foundation infusion center where he focuses on being a calm, compassionate, and fun companion as he comforts patients in stressful situations.

Mohammad volunteers and shadows at hospitals throughout Tampa Bay to gain diverse holistic clinical experiences to help prepare him for his future and maintain his humanity as a physician, Mohammad’s strong time management and self-motivation skills developed through UF’s rigorous academic course loads and his research experiences will give him the skills to succeed in the Machine Learning Lab. Mohammad hopes that through researching under the guidance of Naveena Gorre, MS, he will be able to make meaningful improvements in patient care and have valuable insight that will make him a better physician.