Naveena Gorre, MS

Naveena’s primary area of research interest is Computer Vision. She holds master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and worked as Data Scientist at bioMerieux for a year. At Moffitt she will be responsible for developing ML infrastructure and integrate the PACS systems to data servers. She is working on developing an API which acts an interface, amalgamating the developed/ongoing machine learning models, visualization, interpretability and explainability techniques. This API would not only help doctors to elucidate various model results but also for researchers, data scientists in flexible prototyping. Other projects include - Liver classification for HCC, pathology data analysis.


Naveena has published a paper in SPIE-defense and commercial sensing conference titled as “Identification of Bone Cancer In Canine Thermograms”. This paper discusses about the different combinations of laws and texture features analysis for pattern recognition, image classification. She is successful in improving the overall sensitivity to  90%  than earlier research with just texture features.

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Identification of Bone cancer in canine Thermograms.