John Mayfield, M.D.

USF Student

John Mayfield, M.D. is a multi-industry professional with training in medicine, engineering, and corporate leadership who served as a Director of Education in the wholesale wine industry prior to medical school where he created online and in-person educational resources for multiple states’ sales teams. He graduated with Honors in Research during medical school and was selected as 1 of 20 recipients of an NIH T-35 training grant at the University of Florida where he analyzed transcatheter aortic valve replacement technique and stroke prevalence. As a result of these experiences, he has a strong appreciation of timelines, budgeting, and overcoming obstacles, planned and unforeseen, and working with multidisciplinary teams.

Since residency began, he was able to pursue advanced medical imaging and computer vision subjects through Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering which helped to elevate the quality and span of his research capacity. With near completion of the Master’s degree maintaining a graduate GPA of 4.0, he has been given the opportunity to advance his  research further through the University of South Florida where he is currently a candidate for a Ph.D. in Medical Engineering under Dr. El Naqa

It is his goal to become an agile and competent physician-scientist in Academic Radiology with hopes to impact the future of the budding AI/Machine Learning field as well as medical image processing in hopes to provide greater access, efficiency, and reliability of multimodal Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology.