Denis Dudas, PhD 

Applied Postdoctoral Fellow


Denis Dudas recently graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he earned a Ph.D. in medical physics. He also received his M.S. from the same university. During his Ph.D. he focused on the development and application of new radiation tolerant hybrid and monolithic pixel detectors for radiation oncology. He has held an internship in CERN working on the LHCb detector. As a research medical physicist in the Motol University Hospital in Prague, he was responsible for a workflow automation using the Eclipse Scripting API and he also worked on implementing new radiation detectors in the clinics. Over the last four years, he took part in several foreign missions in developing and low-income countries where he participated on building and starting complex radiotherapy oncology centers. At Moffitt, Denis is focusing on development of deep learning models for radiotherapy treatment outcome predictions.