Mackenzie Anderson

Research Student Trainee

Mackenzie is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida Honors College, where she pursued a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. Mackenzie is currently taking a gap year while applying to dental school and gaining hands-on dental experience through working at a pediatric dental practice here in Tampa. Seeking to broaden the realm of her clinical experience beyond the field of dentistry and gain a better understanding of the methodology of medical research, Mackenzie is excited to join Dr. El Naqa’s team under the guidance of Dr. Jacqueline Andreozzi. She plans to utilize her engineering background and her detail-oriented and punctual nature to be an asset to the Machine Learning Lab. Mackenzie is passionate about Moffitt’s commitment to improving health outcomes, and she hopes to contribute to this mission as a part of the team. As a dentist, Mackenzie aspires to utilize both her clinical and research experience as well as her work with volunteer dental clinics here in Tampa Bay, to provide caring, compassionate, and holistic dental care.