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¡Salud! Serie de charlas: Saturday, July 15, 2017 *Event in Spanish*

The Bridge: August 11, 2017

Congratulations Dr. Harold Saavedra!

Dr. Harold Saavedra submitted a grant to the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust. The grant was approved on May 25, 2017. Total direct funds awarded $70,000

2017 Summer Research Rotations at MCC

The Ponce Health Sciences University has selected five students to complete an 8 week rotation period at Moffitt Cancer Center under the U54 PHSU-MCC Partnership. During this period, the PHSU students will be provided with mentored training in cancer research, emerging technologies, research skills workshops, health disparities education, career development activities and lab meetings. After completing the research rotations, the students will give an oral presentation to faculty and students at Ponce Health Sciences University, their home institution, and they will submit a written report of their work during the summer.

Ph.D. Student’s Experiments at MCC

Jaileene Perez Morales, Ph.D. student at Ponce Health Sciences University, will be doing some of her experiments at Moffitt Cancer Center to move forward with her thesis project focused on investigating the role of hyper-phosphorylated retinoblastoma protein (Rb) code and how it causes loss of cell adhesion and early proclivity for metastasis in lung cancer. This research experience at Dr. Teresita Antonia’s laboratory will help her finish her thesis and contribute towards her manuscript. Jaileene will also have the opportunity to do networking for a possible post-doctoral position. Good luck Jaileene!