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The PHSU-MCC Partnership is a collaboration between Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center and Puerto Rico's Ponce Health Sciences University to reduce cancer health disparities among Hispanics. As part of its initiatives, the PHSU-MCC Partnership's Community Outreach Core/Program/Team is focused on increasing  awareness of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and  research among Hispanics.

To achieve this goal, the Community Outreach Core/Program/Team offers free educational events for Hispanic communities in the Ponce, Puerto Rico and Tampa Bay areas that focus on community engagementcancer education, and capacity building. Event topics range from how to reduce your risk of cancer by engaging in healthy lifestyle choices to participating in cancer research  to improve future treatments for Hispanics.

Our events are enhanced by the collaboration of a Community Health Educator (Jomar Lopez) who works  with communities in both Ponce and Tampa Bay. The CHE directly links community members with the Partnership's cancer research initiatives and other cancer educational information. His presence helps ensure that the information shared meets the educational needs and is culturally tailored to Hispanics in both communities.  Please contact our CHE for any information on community events or any other  cancer education needs.


The Community Health Educator also works with a Community  Advisory Panel (CAP) at both sites, ensuring the communities'  views are represented and that they help design programs and educational events conducted under the Partnership. Each CAP is composed of  community members who represent a variety of perspectives (patients,  survivors, family members, caregivers, healthcare providers and  community-based organizations). These individuals work closely with the CHE to deliver educational events which are successful and engaging within communities. The CAP also provides guidance in the recruitment and retention of research participants.

Join us in our efforts to reduce cancer health disparities among Hispanics by participating in our free educational events and learn more about cancer control and prevention and cancer research! 

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Outreach Core Co-Leaders
Moffitt Ponce
Gwendolyn Quinn, Ph.D. Julio Jiménez,  M.D.
Outreach Core Investigators
Moffitt Ponce
Clement Gwede, Ph.D. Eida Castro, Psy.D.
Thomas Brandon, Ph.D.  Gloria Asencio, Ph.D. 
Susan T. Vadaparampil Mary Rodriguez, Ph.D.  
  Brenda Soto Ph.D.
Outreach Core Coordinators
Moffitt Ponce
Jessica  McIntyre Cynthia Cortes, MSW
Community Health Educator
Jomar Lopez