Jan 22 — Dr. Ana Contreras joins our team as a Postdoctoral Fellow! Welcome Ana!

Jan 08 — Dr. Aziz Aiderus joins our team as a Postdoctoral Fellow! Welcome Aziz!



Dec 14 — Joint Mann Labs Holiday Luncheon at Bartaco.

Oct 29::Nov 3 — Michael participates in the IMO Workshop 7: Stroma as co-leader of TeamGreen with MathOncology guru David Basanta, Ph.D. and melanoma oncologist Joseph Markowitz, M.D., Ph.D.. An eye opening week of defining, investigating, and attempting to solve a clinically relevant problem in melanoma with collaboration, sweat, and math! Highlights of the workshop can be found at https://storify.com/ara_anderson/imo-workshop-7-stroma/.

Nov 07 — Norma Pagan joins our team! Welcome Norma!

Oct 20 — Congratulations to Justin for his paper describing the SBCDDB: Sleeping Beauty Cancer Driver Database for gene discovery in mouse models of human cancers being accepted for publication in the Annual Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue. Check out the manuscript at https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkx956 , check out the SBCDDB at http://sbcddb.moffitt.org.

Sep 29 — Joint Mann Labs Luncheon at Terra Sur Café. Excellent food and conversation!

Aug 14 — Michael hosts Dr. Mik Black as the Cancer Biology & Evolution Speaker, his Seminar “Cancer by the Numbers — Large-Scale Analysis of Cancer Genomic Data” provided a fantastic look at developing bleeding edge statistical and mathematical methods for the analysis of genomic Big Data.

Aug 01 — Michael awarded Moffitt Skin Cancer SPORE Career Enhancement Program Grant.

Jun 30  — Launch of SBCDDB

Jun 22 — Michael presents a seminar on “Cutaneous cancer driver discovery using transposon insertional mutagenesis models” at the University of Auckland Bioinformatics Institute

Jun 20 — Michael presents a seminar on “Cutaneous cancer driver discovery using transposon insertional mutagenesis models” at the University of Otago Department of Biochemistry Seminar Series

Jun 12 — Justin presents a poster on the Sleeping Beauty Cancer Driver Database at the 2017 Cancer Biology & Evolution Symposium. Congratulations Justin for winning a poster presentation award!

Jun 08 — Michael presents a talk “Genomic Drivers of Keratinocyte Transformation” at the Department of Molecular Oncology Research In Progress Seminar

May 13 —  We raised over $600 in donations for cancer research during the Miles for Moffitt fundraiser! Thank you to all of our honor roll contributors for helping us Knockout Skin Cancer!! Congrats to Justin for representing the lab in the 5K run!

May 11 —  Michael and Justin are participating in the Miles for Moffitt event on Team Research Rangers! There is still time to help us Knockout Skin Cancer!

May 04 —  Justin presents a poster on the Sleeping Beauty Cancer Driver Database at the 2017 Moffitt Scientific Symposium

Mar 27  —  Amanda Meshey joins our team! Welcome Amanda!

Feb 27  —  Michael presents at the Moffitt Skin Cancer SPORE Monthly Research Meetings

Feb 04  —  Michael presents a research overview at the 1st Annual Molecular Oncology Retreat

Jan 30  —  Dr. Justin Newberg joins our team! Welcome Justin!



Dec 30  —  Dr. Michael Mann joins Moffitt Cancer Center Department of Molecular Oncology