• NNC (Nonparametric Nonlinear Correlation) - A Matlab toolbox for quantifying nonlinear correlation. Download the software as part of the supplements from our paper, Chen YA, Almeida JS, Richards AJ, Müller P, Carroll RJ, Rohrer B. A nonparametric approach to detect nonlinear correlation in gene expression. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 2010, 19(3):552-568.


  • SinCHet: a MATLAB GUI toolbox for Single Cell Heterogeneity analysis in cancer.The SinCHet software is freely available for non-profit academic use.  You could download the source code here: or pre-compiled code here: SinCHet  Installation details are included in the SinCHet user manual here.



  • SCIVA: Single Cell Interactive Visualization Analytics, a JavaScript-based tool for interactive scRNA-seq analyses. (pronounced as Sy-Va, similar to how Sci-Fi is pronounced for Science Fiction, but no fiction here). Currently under development by Zhihua Chen